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Discovery: Pterosaurs Dragons Once Ruled The Earth’s Skies

The pterosaur, a dragon-like ancient creature, seems to have been a successful winged animal during its times. It is considered to be the first animal to have engaged in flying. It is not a dinosaur, nor is it a bird though. The picture is the representation of the family of Azhdarchis by  an artist, drawn for

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Dinosaurs Actually Evolved Into Birds For Species Survival

Dinosaurs are said to be the ancestors of birds. Why did these dinosaurs reduce in size, and develop wings? A new study has exposed the possible reasons and advantages of the consistent reduction in size of the ancestors of birds, the Theropod dinosaurs. Dinosaurs come from birds, as evolutionists have theorised decades back. If this

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All Dinosaurs Had Feathers According To New Controversial Study

dinosaur with feathers

All Dinosaurs had feathers? Yes according to recent studies on Dinosaur fossils. New fossils having been discovered in Siberia of a dinosaur species Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus have led some scientists to theorise that all dinosaurs might have had feathers. They based their speculations on the fact that they found highly preserved feathers on the fossils of

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