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Sleep Expert Says Society Is Facing A Sleep-Deprivation Crisis

Do you long for mornings to kick-start later during the day, and thus suffering from the lack of adequate sleep?! This is but the result of our current system of work and educational institutions, according to a sleep expert from the UK, Paul Kelley of Oxford University’s Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute. Sleep expert Paul

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Take Note: Midday Napping Decreases Blood Pressure

How often do you kitty-nap during the day? You might want to make it part of your routine as a new study shows that daytime sleeps might be correlated to a decreased blood pressure. Napping during the day might possibly be good for the health of your heart. The findings of the new study that

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4-Day School Week Linked With Higher Maths Scores

Does it really matter how much time we spend at school? Apparently, yes. A new study performed in the US suggests that a 4-day school week for primary school pupils will not only be harmless to academic performance but will also boost test scores. The findings were published in the journal Education, Finance and Policy.

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What is the Source of our Inner Voice: The Work Of Angels & Devils?

What are the little voices we hear inside ourselves? Perhaps, they are but angels and devils whispering into our hearts? Scientists, unsurprisingly, do not believe that; rather, they have explained the occurrence of our “inner voice” in terms of our conscience. What is its real origin, though? Researchers of a new study hope that shedding light

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Researchers Tag Humans As “Super Predators”

Which animal species is the world’s greatest predator? Would it be surprising to you if you were to find out a new study concluded humans were? After researchers compared predation among animals in both land and marine ecosystems, they found out that humans were “super predators”. The findings have been published in the journal Science.

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Gazing Into Someone’s Eyes For 10 Minutes Changes Perception

The eyes are the doors to the soul. Imagine being able to gaze into them to have a glimpse of the person to whom they were gifted. A new study has taken a step further, and shown that two people staring into each other’s eyes experience a change in the state of consciousness. Staring into

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Ranting On The Internet Is Bad For Your Health

Ranting on the Internet is bad for your health. A new study has shown that expressing anger online in the form of rants causes us to be even angrier. The researcher proves wrong all those who think that they are finding an effective outlet for their negative feelings. Is it really good to vent one’s

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Facebook Study Says The Use of LOL Is Decreasing

Are the days of LOL over already? A Facebook study says that the public is now showing a preference for “haha” and emojis over “LOL”. The survey relates that 51.4 % of the people use “haha”, while only 1.9 % use “LOL”. Gone are the days of LOL, then? You would be surprised to hear

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You Have The Wrong Image of Yourself – Mirrors Lie, Selfies Don’t!

You know the phenomenon of not recognising our voices when they are heard outside of our bodies like in recordings while strangers apparently do? The same might be said of our photographs. A new research suggests that strangers are better at ranking which of the pictures of others resemble the latter the most than those to

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Kids Are Flexible Copy-Cats!

A new study has suggested that kids do not automatically imitate adults for every single thing. Rather, they pick and choose what they themselves wish to copy, and adapt their behaviour to their particular goals of imitating. The findings have been published in the journal Cognition. Researchers from the University of Texas have found that

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Intestinal Bacteria Contribute To Anxiety & Depression


Gut bacteria might play a role in inducing anxiety and depression, according to a new study carried out by researchers from the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute at McMaster University. The findings have been published in the journal Nature Communications. The new research marks the first time the role of intestinal bacteria bas been analysed

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Science Reveals Which Horror Movie Type Is The Scariest

Horror movies are known for the stress and fear that they generate in their viewers. But, have you ever wondered which type is the scariest?! Researcher Keith Bound from the University of Nottingham set out to define the types of thrills that scare us the most when watching horror movies. His methodology entailed analysing the

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