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A Bad Night’s Sleep Linked With Increased Food Intake

The far-reaching consequences of a good (or bad) night’s sleep seem to include food consumption: a new study published in the Journal of Health Psychology (JHP) suggests that disrupted sleep patterns might lead to the tendency of consuming more food than usual, thereby exposing the person to long-term chronic health problems. The study takes into consideration the

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Are You The First To Laugh Or Smile Every Time? It’s In Your Genes.

Your reaction to a humorous situation might be partly determined by your DNA. Are you one to smile or laugh immediately at jokes, or do you just acknowledge them without expressing it in laughter? A new study focusing on emotional reactivity explained that your choice might be based on the make-up of your DNA. The

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The First Documented Murder of Humanity

The earliest known homicide known to, and documented by, scientists allegedly occurred in Spain. They might have solved the mystery after analysing a 4,30,000-year-old skull. The researchers explain that studying the lethal wounds identified on the skull also indirectly provides evidence for possibly the earliest funeral procedures. The findings are published in the journal PLOS

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How alcohol controls your friendliness attitude and to who?

Alcohol in one’s hands is a double-edged sword: in moderate amounts, it can help social interactions, while in high doses, it affects cognitive abilities so badly that one cannot function well in a social setting. Why does moderate alcohol consumption cause one to feel euphoric and hence, in many cases, more open to social interactions?

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Genetics Determine Whether You Are An Early Bird Or A Night Owl

It’s all in the genes, they say. So much of who we are is determined, or at least influenced, by our genetic make-up – even the time at which we wake up. A new study has explained that being an early bird or a later riser might depend on one’s genes, and so, this ‘trait’ is part

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Non-Identical Twins With 2 Different Fathers

After a woman from New Jersey applied for child support, the authorities ran a paternity test to determine whether the man she was dragging into court was really the father of her non-identical twins. It was then found out that the man had fathered only one of the twins. If non-identical twins come to be

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The Appeal of Late-Night Snacking Explained

A new study has suggested that we might tend to consume more late at night because we find less satisfaction in eating at that time, hence leading us to over-consumption. The findings have been published in the journal Brain Imaging and Behavior. They say, refrigerators have light bulbs incorporated for the sake of midnight snacks.

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First 2 Hours After Waking Up Confirmed To Be Most Productive Time


Productivity might be determined by the time of the day at which you indulge in your activities. A new study suggests that the most productive time to spend working is the first two hours after waking up. On the other hand, the least productive time falls right around 3 p.m. Psychologists argue that the brain

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Feeding Babies With Breast Milk From Other Women is Risky

A new survey has revealed data as to the trends of feeding infants with breast milk coming from other women. The practice is not without dangers. Providing donor milk to one’s infant might turn out to be a bad decision. A new survey has revealed that mothers using shared breast milk to feed their babies

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Men in Suits Are More Open-Minded & Think Differently

The concept that men in suits have a certain appeal specific to them might have a ring of truth to it. A new study has revealed that a suit changes the perception of the man wearing it: he views the world from a different lens altogether – a better one. The researchers of the study came

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Binge Drinking Lowers The Ability To Learn & Retain Information

Binge drinking is known to be harmful to one’s health. A new study has further highlighted the dangers pertaining to how it adversely affects brain cells. The study has been published in the journal Alcoholism. Binge drinking is the consumption of 5 or more drinks for men, at any one time within the last month,

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