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Sex Crimes Might Be Running in the Genes

According to a new study, genetics might be playing a role in the tendency of men to become perpetrators of sexual crimes. The findings have suggested that sons and brothers of convicted sex offenders are more likely than other men to be convicted for similar crimes. Sex crimes might be running in the genes. A

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Fact: Grilled Cheese Lovers Are More Sexually Active

If you like grilled cheese, you might be having a pretty active sexual life. Or, so says a survey performed by a dating site. The social networking and dating site Skout has revealed the results of a survey it did some time back: according to the information that was gathered from its users, how someone

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How Often Should One Wash One’s Hair?

The ideal number of times the hair should be washed differs from person to person. But, generally, washing the hair everyday is not recommended; it is even thought to be harmful, according to dermatologists. So, how often should we wash our hair?! The answer to the million dollar question is based on the anatomy of

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Why Men Prefer Women With Curvy Backsides Explained

curvy woman

People might be incredulous about the popularity of Kim Kardashian’s backside but a recent scientific study might help to shed some light as to how some men, ‘in spite of themselves’, find it appealing, or, more appealing than others. The paper authored by researchers from the University of Texas and published online in Evolution and

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Better than Durex! Scroguard: New Contraception Protecting The Scrotum

Our world is dominated by waves of changes. Nothing ever remains the same – previous versions of just about anything always give way to modern ones. Little would we have thought that this general rule would include condoms as well. A new method of contraception has seen the light of the day: the Scroguard. As

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Origins of Narcissism Lie In Upbringing

A new study argues that children could be turned into narcissists if their parents go overboard in telling them that they are more special than others. The findings were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research work is the first of its kind – the origins of narcissism and

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Regular Sauna Bathing Decreases Risks of Heart-Related Problems

A new study, led by Dr Jari A. Laukkanen, has greatly enhanced the appeal of sauna bathing. According to its findings which were published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, the relaxing experience could help decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality. You might want to indulge into this method of detoxifying

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This Man Has Only 100 Orgasms Left Due To Rare Disease

feeling good

A man, commonly known as RLS after his story was made public by website BroBible, claims suffering from a condition known as idiopathic fibrosis of the corpora cavernose that restricts his number of orgasms. According to him, he has only 100 left until he can no more have an erection. Life on Earth is characterised

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Temperature Contagion: Feeling Cold Is Contagious

Researchers from the University of Sussex, UK, suggest that the mere sight of someone shivering will make one feel cold as well. Volunteers were made to watch videos of people placing their hands in cold water. Their body temperature while doing so was monitored. The results were astonishing: the volunteers had their body temperature drastically

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Men Uploading Selfies Score Higher For Narcissism & Psychopathy

Now that ‘selfie’ is a word, it can be taken more seriously, or so it seems. Researchers of a new study analysing the phenomenon of men posting several selfies online found that the latter scored higher levels of narcissism and psychopathy. Wait till you hear everything: this might not be such a bad thing after

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How iPads and Tablets Are Slowly Killing You

Technology is a troublesome entity, it posses the ability to inspire and share information instantaneously, but it is also known for unpleasant side effects. Tablets and E-readers have almost completely destroyed the necessity for paper books, magazines, and other forms of reading material. People of all ages, from the cradle to the grave, can be observed

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