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Bottle of Champagne: Better To Shake or Not?

Champagne, the most sophisticated of alcoholic beverages, the unofficial drink of kings, queens, movie stars and rappers alike. Humanity may never know the reason why we flock to this fizzy intoxicant. Is it the bubbles, the taste, that certain je ne sais quoi or the expensive price tag that is often associated with it? The world

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Studies Show People Are Living Longer

Humanity’s life expectancy is rising. People are now expected to live an average of six years loner than they had only 2 decades ago. A recent studies show that people are living longer , staying healthier, and suffering from serious illness less often than they ever have before. The global life expectancy for both men

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Artificial Intelligence Helps Magicians Create Magic Tricks

Making artificial intelligence do the work for us sounds tempting, right? A team of researchers has fed information into a computer such that the later processed complex data involving magic tricks based on mathematical constructions; the magicians no more have to keep in mind complicated data. Will artificial intelligence (AI) technology ever reach the unrealistically-advanced

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Anonymous Hackers Expose 190 Pedophiles in Operation Darknet


About 190 alleged pedophiles and their IP details have been disclosed by hackers group, Anonymous today. The list was gathered from a tracker software which the alleged pedophiles downloaded on the underground site Darknet. Quoted below from the official release of the group on anonhq.com Anonymous activated ‘Operation Darknet’ to campaign against the child porn

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“Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater”, Scientifically Proven

Losers who cheat in relationships are more likely to do so yet again, even to the very one with whom they cheated in the first place. According to a new study, a person preying on others’ partners, or worse, having the latter cheat to start a relationship, is only making matters worse for himself: the

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Men Might Be Programmed To Choose Sex Over Food

We often hear how men do not use their brain as much they use their genitals to make decisions. We also have the stereotype of men being more amorous of food than of anything else. But, which of the two exerts more influence on men, if any of them does at all? A new study

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Greatest Coffee Drinkers Are: Journalists, Police Officers & Teachers

Coffee is the favourite drink of thousands of people spanning over all continents. But, who drinks coffee the most? According to a new study that surveyed over 10 000 people, journalists, police officers and teachers tend to consume coffee much more than others of other professions. Do stressful work conditions cause the people to indulge

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Sodium Overcomsumption: 1.65 Million Global Deaths Yearly

A study that has evaluated a massive amount of data from 187 countries has shown that high sodium intake indirectly leads to a great number of deaths yearly all across the globe. Overconsumption of sodium ultimately leads to cardiovascular diseases which eventually cause death. We are in the age of high mortality rates to which

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Facebook Users Angry At Steven Spielberg For Killing A “Dinosaur”

It seems that together with the dinosaurs, the common comedic sense of some people has also gone extinct. A recent Facebook prank showing Steven Spielberg sitting in front of a hunted dinosaur has gone viral on the leading social network: Facebook. The photo showing Spielberg with a dead Triceratops was actually a joke by satirist

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