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Discover: 50 % of Water on Earth is Older than the Sun

Water, the life-liquid, running through our veins, forming the most of our cells, from plants to animals, has been suggested to be older than the sun – at least, part of the water in our oceans, in comets and other heavenly bodies. Around half of the water on our blue planet has been there before

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Black Holes Do Not Exist According To Mathematical Proof

A scientist has recently stated that black holes might not even be a thing – physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton explained with the help of mathematical calculations that black holes cannot so much as come into existence since there is no such thing as singularities. Science has the knack of bringing in more and more questions as

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India’s First Satellite Mangalyaan Reaches Planet Mars

India’s very first interplanetary space exploration mission has proved to be successful as the orbiter it launched last year finally positioned itself near planet Mars. Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Launched in November 2013 The ambitious endeavour of conquering space has lured yet another country: India. It has now carved itself a place near Mars amidst

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Watch Out: Fantastic-Four-Like Skintight Spacesuits to be Engineered

Fantastic–Four-costume-like spacesuits might be the new gown for astronauts. Engineers have come up with an innovative way of having a suit which wraps up around the astronaut’s body. The traditional astronaut suit might change radically from ultra-bulky to skin-tight – lighter, stretchy, and easier to move with. The astronaut would have to plug in to

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China’s First Space Station To Be Launched By 2022

From China to space – as goes the lofty aspiration of the country that has been made public. In the past, China has alluded to the imminent launching of its first space station. Now, it has specified the time period in which this is scheduled to occur. The coming years will entail the launching of

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Last Supermoon Event of 2014: Monday 8th of September

Sky watchers, get to your cameras to capture the bold beauty of the moon yet again! Our planet’s satellite will once again orbit extremely near to the Earth, such that it will appear larger and brighter. The supermoon is to rise on Monday, 8th of September. This year has been full of supermoons; a supermoon

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Unbelievable: Living Organism Discovered Alive in Space on ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) has recently been the subject of an extremely surprising discovery: samples taken from its surface have revealed the presence of microscopic sea planktons. Now, the question is how did these organisms get there, and how were they able to survive the drastic conditions? Researchers have examined samples taken from illuminators

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First Mauritians In Space Are.. Lizards

Biological experiments have taken five Mauritian geckos to space. Russian scientists wish to make observations of the sexual behaviour of the green lizards in zero-gravity environments. Mauritius just got famous! The curiosity of the human mind has fired many of humanity’s greatest adventures. Humans are characterised by their habit of constantly asking and going after

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Alien Life On Jupiter’s Moon Europa – NASA To Launch Exploration

A scientist from NASA, Kevin Hand, has suggested that Europa, the moon orbiting around Jupiter, might be a flourishing ground for life – microbes in hydrothermal vents. NASA is even looking forward to launching a mission to Europa in some years. The curious minds of humans have always pushed them to wonder about life outside

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Watch Out: August 2014 Supermoon Will Be Biggest of This Year


Waiting for the next Supermoon of 2014? In a month’s time, the world will be able to witness the largest and shiniest of full moons. The moon will be the closest to the Earth than it has been for the rest of the days of the year, because of an elaborate astronomical alignment. It will

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Voyager 1 Struck By Solar Tsunami Waves In Interstellar Space

Voyager 1, the spacecraft that was launched in 1977 to explore the outer solar system, might have been propelled into interstellar space by now according to NASA. Interstellar space is the physical space filled with ionized gas, within a galaxy which is not occupied by stars or any of their planetary systems. The confirmation comes

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