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The Moon Gets A New Face Every 81,000 Years

The Moon changes its appearance all the time— it gets a new face every once in a while (every 81,000 years, that is), says a new study published in Nature. The Moon has inspired artists throughout the centuries. It makes us feel less alone and more connected—we all admire the very same moon, no matter

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Journey to Mars Comes With Dementia!

Astronauts travelling to Mars might suffer from brain damage that could lead to dementia and other neurological conditions, suggests a new paper published in Nature’s Scientific Reports. Humans are naturally wired to live on Earth, the planet made ideal for us. Still, our ambitious nature has propelled us beyond the ground beneath our feet to what

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Star Releasing Fireballs in Space Discovered

A star system is ejecting giant fireballs in space! The spectacular scene has been captured by none other than the Hubble Space Telescope of NASA. The paper documenting the findings is published in The Astrophysical Journal. The huge fireballs – “cannon fire” in the words of scientists – are coming from the vicinity of host star named V

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Saturn’s Moon Dione Has A Subsurface Ocean

An entire ocean lies beneath the surface of Saturn’s moon, Dione, says a paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. Dione is one of the many moons of Saturn. Its sisters Titan and Enceladus have already been shown to hold subsurface oceans in their icy crusts. Dione is no different, says a new study

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NASA Confirms: There is no alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa

Europa surface

There is no alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, NASA just confirmed. Bad news for those who have been expecting something “new” for days. Just 2 days ago, NASA announced that the Hubble Space Telescope had captured “surprising evidence of activity” on the moon of Jupiter: Europa. The internet was since then filled with a

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Planet Mars Just Revealed More Secrets To NASA’s Curiosity Rover

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has revealed never-seen-before images of Mount Sharp, the central peak adorning Gale Crater with a height of around 5.5 km on planet Mars. More interestingly, the photographs are coloured ones, giving us the opportunity to understand rock formation further. The new images date from September 8. The precise location where they were

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NASA is hiding alien life & UFO proof by cutting live space video?

NASA is hiding alien life & UFO proof? NASA has cut an International Space Station live stream because of the appearance of what might be evidence of alien life. Or so say UFO conspiracy theorists. As so many modern-day stories, it all began with a YouTube video. Someone (user Streepcap1) posted a clip video of

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Water Clouds Discovered Outside Our Solar System, Near A Brown Dwarf

Water clouds have been spotted for the first time outside of our solar system. They were found on a brown dwarf known as WISE 0855, located 7.2 light-years away from us. Discovered two years ago, Brown dwarf WISE 0855 is the coldest heavenly body known to exist beyond our solar system, with a temperature of

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Mysterious Particle X Is Behind Missing Lithium In Our Universe

A new particle (“particle X”) might help explain the mystery of the missing lithium in the universe, according to a new study published in Physical Review Letters. Scientists have built an extensive set of theories pertaining to the Big Bang. One of these involves the missing lithium conundrum. According to the calculations and estimates of

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Enormous Hole in the Sun! Should We Get Worried?!

An enormous ‘hole’ has occurred in our Sun, says NASA. The size of the said hole is thought to be over 10% of the surface area of the Sun. What does this mean? Is our Sun disintegrating?! The picture depicting a huge dark area on the upper half of the Sun was released by NASA

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Two New Lunar Craters Discovered

Two new craters have been spotted on the darkest regions of the Moon! The paper documenting the findings is published in the journal Icarus. The study was conducted by researchers from Southwest Research Institute. The two craters are geologically young ones: the first one is about 16 million years old, while the other one’s age is

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Two Mega Tsunamis Hit Mars Millions of Years Ago

The Martian ocean said to have existed at the planet’s northern hemisphere might have witnessed at least two huge tsunamis caused by the impact of meteors. New evidence documented in a paper published in Scientific Reports mentions traces of these events. More interestingly, the results of the study provide hope for the theory of microbial

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