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A Robot That Grows Like A Plant

S u m m a r y : A newly-developed robot resembles a vine, and grows like a plant! Its design has been documented in a paper published in the journal Science Robotics. A Vine-Robot To Help Trapped Survivors A soft robot that can grow, not like Inspector Gadget, but like an actual plant—such is

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Charging Batteries Within Seconds Thanks to New Material MXene

S u m m a r y : Charge your phone within seconds, thanks to a new battery electrode design, invented by a team of researchers from Drexel University’s College of Engineering. Their paper has recently been published in the journal Nature Energy. How Batteries Work Imagine charging your phone to full capacity in mere seconds—this would

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World’s 1st Battery-Free CellPhone!

S u m m a r y : One of our main concerns nowadays is to charge our phone battery. Now, imagine the absolute joy of having a phone that does not even need a battery?! New findings describe the development of the first battery-free cellphone that functions just fine without one! The study is

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Video Games Are Changing Your Brain!

S u m m a r y : Playing video games can change brain regions associated with attention and spatial ability, suggests a new review published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Gaming, Good or Evil? Video games are growing more and more popular in today’s world. With technological advancement, improved versions abound, and as endeavours

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Flying Cars & Robots: New Scientific Breakthrough

S u m m a r y : MIT researchers have developed drones that can both drive and fly, hopefully paving the way for flying cars in the future! Flying Machines in Disaster Zones Imagine machines that could ‘walk’ and fly just like birds and (some) insects do. Then, flying cars would not be that

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Thinnest Nano-Hologram Developed by Scientists (Watch Video)

Nano-holograms integrated in smart phones and televisions might become reality in the near future, suggest new findings that document the creation of the world’s thinnest hologram. The paper is published in the journal Nature Communications. 3D holography incorporated in electronics like smart phones sounds like an absolutely great idea, right? It may seem like an

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3D-Printed Ovaries Produce Healthy Offspring

3D-printed mouse ovaries have produced healthy offspring. The new findings are published in the journal Nature Communications. 3D printing has taken the development of prosthetics to a whole new level, and it has now led to the creation of ovaries that have produced healthy offspring, a scientific breakthrough that promises to combat infertility problems like never

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Bionic Hand With Eyes for Amputees

A hand that can ‘see’ and reach out to hold objects automatically has been developed by a team of bioengineers—it operates faster than existing prosthetics. The invention constitutes renewed hope for amputees. The findings are published in the Journal of Neural Engineering. A hand that ‘sees’, from a new ‘line’ of prosthetic limbs, operates much

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3D-Printing An Entire Building—Watch Video!

We can now 3D-print an entire building! New findings demonstrating such a system at work are published in the journal Science Robotics. Revolutionising the world of construction with a 3-D printing robotic system that can generate the basic structure of an entire building—this is what a team of MIT researchers has aspired (and succeeded) to

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