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China New Operating System To Replace Windows and Android

After a number of clashes China had with the United States over issues related to Operating System (OS) security, the former decided to make its own OS. Some Chinese OSs do exist, but they are not as effective as the imported ones such as Microsoft Windows. The new one, however, is expected to become a

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Japanese Researchers Made The World’s Fastest Camera

Authors of a new study have presented to the world the fastest camera ever. The latter can be used to capture high-resolution images of processes that occur at incredibly high speed, like the conduction of heat. The images are then synchronised into a movie that illustrates occurrences that were until now mysteries to us because of

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Google Admits Reading Your Emails & Scan For Illegal Content

Houston (USA) police arrested a man who was reported to be sending child pornographic images via Gmail. This crime has only been deplored thanks to Google’s automated system which scans through emails searching for such illegal content. However, the emails are still scanned for the purpose of assigning ads to users’ accounts dashboard. A man indulging into

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Google Chrome Is Killing Your Laptop Battery – But Fix Is Coming Soon

google chrome browser

Google Chrome browser is depleting your laptop’s battery like no other browser. It’s nothing new though. Users around the world have been reporting this issue since some time. It is only now when a Forbes contributor pointed it out that Google is set to fix it. It is only now when a Forbes contributor pointed

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Project Zero – Google Recruits Elite Hackers To Protect The Web

What if a team of experts were to purge softwares from major and minor flaws that render them vulnerable to attack? This is the new ambitious project of Google, known as Project Zero. Hacking experts have been recruited by Google to work on vulnerabilities spotted in well-known softwares – the goal is to find them

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Google’s Smart Contact Lenses That Can Monitor Glucose Level of Diabetics

The dream of myopic people will soon come true – this year will witness the birth of Google’s smart contact lenses. In association with the company Novartis, Google has engineered contact lenses equipped with the technology to enhance the vision of people with eyesight troubles, and at the same time, measuring blood glucose levels of diabetic patients.

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Facebook Users Angry At Steven Spielberg For Killing A “Dinosaur”

It seems that together with the dinosaurs, the common comedic sense of some people has also gone extinct. A recent Facebook prank showing Steven Spielberg sitting in front of a hunted dinosaur has gone viral on the leading social network: Facebook. The photo showing Spielberg with a dead Triceratops was actually a joke by satirist

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