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Bionic Hand With Eyes for Amputees

A hand that can ‘see’ and reach out to hold objects automatically has been developed by a team of bioengineers—it operates faster than existing prosthetics. The invention constitutes renewed hope for amputees. The findings are published in the Journal of Neural Engineering. A hand that ‘sees’, from a new ‘line’ of prosthetic limbs, operates much

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3D-Printing An Entire Building—Watch Video!

We can now 3D-print an entire building! New findings demonstrating such a system at work are published in the journal Science Robotics. Revolutionising the world of construction with a 3-D printing robotic system that can generate the basic structure of an entire building—this is what a team of MIT researchers has aspired (and succeeded) to

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Tech-Advanced Alien Life: Evidence in Fast Radio Bursts?

Aliens might be out there, creating technologically-advanced radio transmitters that would account for the fast radio bursts we witness on Earth on rare occasions, suggests a new study published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Humans have looked for alien life for as long as one can remember. Scientists have searched for possible evidence of extraterrestrial

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Save Money & Make Profits Using A 3D-Printer At Home!

Having your own 3D printer at home can help you not only to save large amounts of money but also to generate profits over 5 years, says a new study published in the journal Technologies. Investing in a relatively cheap 3-D printer for your household has proved to be a profitable endeavour: you basically make

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Google’s DeepMind AI Gets Aggressive to Win!

Google’s DeepMind AI system can take to aggressive behaviours when such strategies benefit itself, shows a new research. Google’s new AI aggressive ‘behaviour’ is reminiscent of what movies have taught us: that artificial intelligence/ robots will always turn against us. This has been drilled into our minds, from the Terminator movies to the Avengers: Age

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3D Artificial Heart Created by Scientists

Scientists have succeeded in making 3D heart tissue that is able to beat in synchrony. The artificial ‘heart’ is meant to assist scientists to better understand cardiac function. The findings are documented in a paper published in Scientific Reports. People have tried building heart tissues in the past—tried and not exactly succeeded. The majority of

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Robot Wrapped Around the Heart Helps it Beat

A customisable soft robot that wraps around the pumping organ, protecting from heart failure, has been developed by a team of researchers from Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital. Their findings are published in Science Translational Medicine. All it does is fit around the heart to assist it in doing its job—beating life. Fastening the

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Men Are Better (Than Women) At Recognising Transformers Faces!

Finally something men are better at doing than women: identifying faces on Transformer toys! Such are the findings of a new study published in Vision Research. Generally, women are either better than men at recognising faces or both genders are equally able. The new study is, therefore, surprising to the scientific world. The researchers behind

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Artificial Mini Lungs Successfully Transplanted into Mice

Scientists can now grow artificial, but human-like, mini lungs, and place them into mice! The findings, published in eLife, could constitute a weapon against lung disease. These tiny lungs are similar to human cells in various aspects. Senior author Jason Spence describes them as being “indistinguishable from human adult tissue“. The mini organs were made through

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Scientists Have Successfully Used Beams of Light To Restore Heartbeat

Beams of light might be a good substitute for electric shocks in heart patients. Patients suffering from a heart rhythm disorder known as arrhythmia might find some relief thanks to recent technological headway. A team of scientists from Johns Hopkins and Germany’s University of Bonn have used experiments on mice and human heart models to

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Living Bacteria Successfully Used To Store Gigabytes of Data

data stored in bacteria photo

Science breaks the news again. What if, instead of storing information in computers, we were able to do so in living organisms? This has been proven to be possible by a group of researchers from Harvard University who have shown that, not only can code lines be stored in living bacteria, but this data can also

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Google’s Parsey McParseface Artificial Intelligence Just Solved The Biggest Language Problem

Having made its Parsey McParseface software freely available, Google might have just revolutionised Artificial Intelligence. Google has taken Artificial Intelligence to another level completely. With its Parsey McParseface software (parser software called SyntaxNet), human speech might be deciphered in a much more elaborate way by AI as has never been made possible before. SyntaxNet breaks

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