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Microsoft Tests World’s First Underwater Data Centre

Microsoft believes the best way to store data is to keep the equipment under the sea. Computers will often heat up such that the best way to prevent them from overheating is to set them up in air-conditioned rooms to ensure they are not damaged. This also means that the electricity bills will be huge.

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Unhackable Quantum Internet In the Making

Quantum Internet might be the next thing as scientists from Stanford University are currently working on creating one that is expected to be practically ‘unhackable’. The paper is published in Nature Photonics. The concept of quantum Internet entails the storage of data in light particles (called photons). Normally, this is done in light beams which

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This Software Can Decode Human Thoughts

Since time immemorial, mankind has wanted to read others’ thoughts. Will this ever be achieved by new technology? A team of researchers believes a computer program might be the answer to decode human thoughts. The findings are published in PLOS Computational Biology. Decoding the thoughts of humans using a new computer program – new research

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Connecting The Human Brain With Computers: New Technology Developed By US Military

The latest technology of varying forms being developed have one thing in common: bridging the gap between the virtual world and us. Motivated by the same intent, the US military looks forward to developing a neural interface to connect the human mind with computers. The technology, named Neural Engineering System Design (NESD), is the brainchild

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Computers That Can Artificially Boost Our Brain Are Being Made

Computers that understand us – wouldn’t this be the invention of the century?! Scientists from Tufts University are currently trying to put together a type of technology whereby computers can determine when we are tired and give us a brain boost as required. They would also eventually be able to provide for tailor-made experiences based

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Software Determines If Your Pictures Are Memorable Or Forgettable

A new software prepared by researchers from MIT will allow photographers to keep only the best images by using an algorithm instead of them having to go through hundreds of images by themselves. The ‘MemNet’ algorithm produced by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can identify images in terms of different degrees of

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Google’s Quantum Computers Are 100 Million Times Faster

Google claims the Quantum Computer is over 100 million times faster than a normal PC. Unlike regular computers, quantum ones can use ‘qubits’ to represent data as a 0 or a 1 as well as both simultaneously, thus achieving faster speeds and greater efficiency. Google and NASA have been experimenting on their D-Wave 2X quantum

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Ads With Plus-Sized Models Encourage Obesity, Says New Study

plus size models

Ads with plus-sized models come with a downside, according to a new study published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. They might be associated with an increasing obesity rate. The study findings indicate that the images published in advertising campaigns are featuring fewer underweight models deemed to be physically flawless, replacing the conventional

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Internet Access Makes People Less Willing To Reply To Questions

Our Internet connection is shaping our way of thinking: a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Waterloo and published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition suggests that people are reluctant to speak of their knowledge and depend less on it when they have Internet access. The team of researchers led by Professor

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Installs Itself Even if Users Block It

It seems that whether you want to install Windows 10 or not, Microsoft will ultimately ‘convince’ you to. Windows 10 might be the newest operating system, but not necessarily also the most wanted one. Some users would rather stick with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 OS. However, free installations of Windows 10 offered following its

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Big Businesses Sued For Using HTTPS Encryption

CryptoPeak Solutions LLC, a firm based in Texas, has sued 66 companies for allegedly using its patented encryption method on their HTTPS websites illegally. Encryption is a way to secure data from hacking and similar threats, and is growing more common, specially because of fears pertaining to global surveillance programmes launched by governments. The encryption

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Envy Motivates Facebook Users To Create Unrealistic Posts to Compete With Friends

Envy is an important motivating factor for Facebook posts, says a new study conducted by researchers from Sauder School of Business. The emotion would also be a cause of decreased mental well-being. The findings are published in Information Systems Research. The concept of social online networks being a double-edged sword has been brought up yet

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