About Us & The Team

AmazingScience website at amazingscience.news is owned and operated by Tidal Waves Media, a branch of Tidal Waves Ltd which is a company registered in the Republic of Mauritius. Launched in February 2014, Amazing Science News publishes several scientific breakthrough original stories daily covering topics about space, technology, health, physics, genetics, biology and archeology.

Our Team

Tewin Sham – Founder and Director of Content

Tewin is an experienced blogger with over 10 years writing for the web across various topics. Being a science person, he launched Amazing Science in 2014 to bring the latest scientific discoveries and science news to the everyday layman since science journals are way too “confusing” for most people.

Harshna Sham – Editor in Chief

Harshna has a passion for science since she was a child and is very good at finding the latest science breakthroughs everyday. She monitors all the news being published by Amazing Science for accuracy and make sure that the important information are presented to our readers in a clear and layman-friendly manner.

Steven Hendrik – Staff Writer

Steven is a science and health journalist with a passion and experience with writing engaging articles about: health, biology, and medicine. He has written for several science websites and magazines during the past 7 years.

Amirah Mooraby – Staff Writer

Amirah is a science journalist with a passion for space exploration and astronomy. With 8 years of experience writing for many local magazines, she covers all the stories about space and astronomy including astrophysics on Amazing Science News.

Nick MacGregor – Staff Writer

Nick is a science fan and journalist specialising in archeological discoveries, ancient world exploration, biology and botany. He has 4 years of experience writing for some popular science websites.

Trishti Sabane – Staff Writer

Trishti is a passionate science journalist with a strong background in genetics and botany. She is also a very flexible science journalist who can cover just any topic and present the same in a way that even a child will understand.

Vladimir Ivanov – Community Manager

Vladimir is an elite community manager which makes sure that our content reaches the right audience and intervene on a daily basis to make every content more engaging before being published.